Saturday, 6 February 2010

1st long session at track / O'follow or not?

Today it was the 1st long train at track (bye bye, sandy intervals at beach, I'll miss you a lot!!)
3x3000m P=5'
9'53 (afraid of blowing up)
I have to take in consideration that I've reduced my training loads a lot in exam season (even if I jogg faster, at 4'20 average, I make no twice a day trainings) and that I'm fresher.. but I think this is a good basis to work at on the next months... Can't wait for March to start pushing hard again...

About the debate about starts in orienteering I've also my own opinion. I know many people that think that following athletes is part of the game and that it is impossible to prevent it from happening. While it is possible to follow stronger athletes and to cooperate and while it is socially accepted, everyone (including me) will end doing it at some part of a race.
I've always thought: why not to do as in cycling time trials where the guy that is caught can't follow the wheel of the passing guy? Yes, I know it's a bit different but I think that the new Swedish rule (here) is the route to follow.

The 3 minute interval in Long distance is nice. Adding the swedish rule (with some adaptations...) I think that less athletes would be impaired compared to the actual rules. And with the new technologies the possibilites are endless!(what about a special SIbox in the spectator control that would block for some seconds with specified rules?) Well, but that's just me wandering around before the next 8h of study in the afternoon... =)


Per Harald Havnen Johansen said...

Nice Miguel! So you're getting strong before the season?! Good! :)

Interresting idea about the "blocking" SI-box!

Good luck with the training!

Miguel Reis e Silva said...

Yeah.. it's my coach's way of doing it. Our season is half way right now... Start in October with nice loads, do intervals out of track. Go to track in February, less load, more intensity and end the season in late July/August (depending on the goals of the season)... It's more like Athletic's style...

About the SIbox.. yeah, just an idea.. the waiting time could even be discounted in the total time (the guy would benefit less from "resting" there for 10sec than if he would follow the other one)..


Anonymous said...

nice idea!