Wednesday, 31 March 2010

11 training sessions in 2+1/2 days

Last weekend it was the National Team weekend's training camp Alter-do-Chão, lead by Bruno Nazario.

The routine was to run 30min at 7h30, map training at 10h30, map training at 15h, and map training at maximum speed in the night training sessions.

I'm not happy with my navigation right now. I keep doing some recurrent mistakes in the trains but I'm sure that with time they I'll be able to avoid them. (I'll post the great corridor train as soon as I get the trak)
Direction - Mistake at the beginning, as usual.

Night One man relay with mass start

Night one man relay with mass start nº2 (2 controls out of place and 1 huge mistake)

Double relay

Simplification - Mistakes at the beginning. Accidentaly turned off the GPS while jumping a fence.

A short sprint.

Hope that I'll be able to improve my technique in the next week at Clermont Ferrand.

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