Thursday, 18 March 2010

15'28 at 5k national team trials

After not doing the trials due to sickness a few weeks ago, today I was given another chance. The National team leader and Norman came to the Lisbon's Universitary Stadium to give me a chance.

I ran the first 3k to the required time (15'45) and just gave it all in the last 2k, ending with 15'28. Felt well and didn't suffer what I was expecting.

After it I returned the favor to Jorge doing 40' fast minutes. Now I just want to ruun...

Thanks a lot to all these guys, REAL FRIENDS, that came to help me doing the time and to Rafaela who kindly took the camera with her. Without them I wouldn't have done it.

The guy in yellow cycled 90km in the morning, did all the 5k with me and ran 1h at a fast pace after... And that's why he's now one of the best portuguese athletes... A role model for me that I try to follow.

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