Thursday, 4 March 2010

Last news...

So, exams are over (only a small oral next Wednesday). I may safely say that in 5 years, this was the toughest exam season ever! I was studying hard for almost 2 months and keeping a basal training load, maintaining the main sessions of the week. It appears that it was too much and in the last days I had fever, sore throat and chills at night. Since yesterday I've been sleeping 12 hours a night plus a 3h30 (!) "siesta" yesterday. My throat still aches a lot and I hope it won't get my lungs. Next Saturday's National Team 5k trial (to a 15'45 limit) will be a total surprise for me.
I have a new sponsor to this season, EAFIT. They have been supporting me with their awesome products for the last months, but now it's official. I particularly like the wide range of products that they have separated in ecto/meso/endomorph athletes. If anyone is interested in having some of these products just tell me. To check the catalog, click here.
If you want to know why athletic doctors are better, click here. =)
And, at last, if you're a Winter Olympics fan, check the SO tiny differences that may separate glory from disgrace in the snow sports here.

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