Sunday, 14 March 2010

Ups and Downs...

There are times when you feel unbeatable. There are others when everything seems to go wrong (like now). After almost 2 months of half training I got sick for 2 weeks with some kind of virus.

I've missed the last weekend's 5k trials to national team due to sickness. Even if I passed at a flat 5k with 15'34 in a 10k race last December, I have many doubts that I'll be able to do the required 5k - 15'45 next Wednesday. (In the photos cutting the wind for the guys in the first 2000m).
Yesterday I've participated in the National Short Cross-Country Championships. Rui Silva (European 1500m champion) won the race with 12'37. I was 73rd in a disappointing race (2 years ago I was 10 places before). I did 14'19 in the 4500m race. But my University male team won the National University Championships! Full results here.(In the photo, Rui Silva leading the race)
Now it's time to work hard and try to compensate the lost time. And the next months I'll invest in more map training than ever... We'll see... (below is the map from the 1st part of the race of the 1st day of this weekend's great race organized near Lisbon by my club, CPOC)

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