Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Portuguese selection teams to EOC

Last weekend were the National team selection races to 2010 competitions. I was the 2nd selected of our 6 athlete male team to EOC, right after Tiago Aires. I was given the oportunity to participate in this year's WOC at own expenses once there won't be any portuguese team there this year.The final results may be found here.

Long distance, 13.1km, (355m), 85'00 (with map exchange) - I really have to be able to cope with stress. I wasn't able to have a clear thinking and I could have messed it all in the first controls. I ran completely headless! In the end I tought that I had no chance but it seemed that it was difficult for everyone. I was 2nd.

Middle distance, 6.6km, (150m), 36'25 - I had a clear margin and I was much more relaxed. I did a regular race with a safe navigation. My option to the 17th was a bit pathetic.

Cross country course, 3km, almost flat with a hard ground - As the last training sessions at track, I wasn't able to develop a good rythm. It was tough to keep the 3'34min/km rythm and I was 3rd, 5sec after the winner.

The last month's trainings have been atypical. I am able to jog fast, 1h at 4'10 with no problem. But I can't run faster at races and track sessions. My averages in the last track sessions have been worse than what I used to do 2 years ago (3sec slower at 400m, 4sec slower at 300m!!).
I'm almost sure that it's because of the asthma and Spring polens once I have some difficulty in recovering the breathing in the intervals (almost like altitude training =) ). I'll start a new medication tomorrow (by the way, it's not considered doping!=) )and hope that I'll be in shape soon.

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