Tuesday, 29 June 2010


Since the EOC, my life had a 180º turn. Portugal isn't participating in this year's WOC so the season (before August) is over.

In the meanwhile, last saturday, I've participated in an Orienteering mass start in Leiria. I wasn't happy with my performance. I did 2 major mistakes, to 11th and 25th and I ended 2nd overall. It was a great way to break the routine and spend one morning with the folks.
I've been doing some work for the future in the last days. According to coache's orders, I've been only running 50min per day and doing lots of short intervals at track in order to develop speed. I've also been spending entire days at the library studying for the last exam season of my life.

I would like to compete in one or another athletics event in the coming days but I think that I won't have enough library-free time to participate in any. So now it's just training for myself without stress and I've been enjoying it a lot.

Hopefully it'll all be over by the end of July and I'll start preparing the Iberian/Latin countries Championships and the French World Cup in October. Then I'll move my bags to Vienna where I'll spend 3 months in a Surgical rotation (and hopefully also training a lot).

And yes, we're eliminated by our neighbours in the South Africa's championships. The nice part of it is that I won't have to hear the annoying Vuvuzelas again in the coming days... =)

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