Saturday, 31 July 2010

The last days...

Finnaly I've finished the last exam season of my life. It was tough, with many 12h studying days (it was definitely a Long distance race) but it's done.

In the last days I've been feeling really distressed. I miss navigating with a map a lot (sigh)! Even if we supposedly are in the peak of the season of the new portuguese calendar there aren't any competitions and the big one's outside Portugal have already taken place.

I didn't stop running at all (I kept a 30min/day basis). Now I'm returning to the 1h again. It's a bit difficult to cope with all this hot days (42ºC!!) - last Sunday I almost died with a 5h MTB train with Nelson where I drank 4,5L of water! I've been doing a lot of strenght training and proprioception exercises. I've also been training with my lightweigth shoes. At the beginning, my calf muscles were always completely sore but now I've been enjoying it a lot.

Now, apart from studying german and working on my master thesis, I've been reading about my other interests (my book list that I've formed during the year). Some of them have really nice applications to Orienteering:
- Brain training for runners
- Mental training for peak performance
- The Runners Body
- Lance Amstrong - My journey back to life

Can't wait for start competing again. I haven't planned the next season properly yet but I hope that it'll be a legendary one. We'll see...

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