Tuesday, 14 September 2010

1st race after Summer

It was in the north of the country in an orienteering area that isn't properly explored.

1 - Middle distance, 7,4k (345m), 66'35 (8,59min/km) - I wasn't exepceting anything special. 2 months without a map is too much and I just wanted to return to the competition rythm. I did some mistakes:
- a huge one to 10th; wrong hill!
- to 11th, I was too afraid of the greens
- to 15th, couldn't find the right path through the greens
- and to 17th, an erratic navigation (and got stuck in the greens near the control). My rythm wasn't anything special but it could be worse for the part of the season.

2 - Sprint distance, 2,4k (120m), 15'42 (6,32min/km) - My pace isn't at its best. Moreover, I did some bad options:
- 5th, ran by the right (straight is better, of course)
- 13th, ran by the small river (had the impression that the straigth option would climb too much).
I have spent an impressive 24% of the race above 6min/km. I need to be more aggressive and avoid unnecessary slowdowns.

...and I'll leave you with Norway's both-WOC's song:

Well, what are we doing in the kingdom of the moose
There's twigs inside our trousers
there's mud inside our shoes
The temperature is rising
We pant and sweat as I sing a tune

Something really really strange is happening this year
In Grimstad, that is Norway on the south side, if you care
The woods are overflowing
with people to-and-fro-ing, my oh my!
And that's all we'll do this season,
I'll tell you all the reason why

We are bushmen
All we wanna do
is sweat our way through the woods
we are bushmen, now isn't it good,
the famous Norwegian wood

Well some might say we're crazy, 'cause we're always on the run
while everybody else is lazing in the summer sun
but we are only happy with smelly clothes and maps in our hands
And if you think that it stinks
Then you ain't got the instincts
and you'll never understand!

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