Friday, 10 September 2010


I didn't start my holidays by the best way. Unfortunately, my dear grandfather died and I felt lucky to had been with him in his last days.

During my mourning period I ran a lot in the highest portuguese mountains with every sessions in the hills between 1h30 and 2h00. I've also read amazing books and found some controversial stuff as:
- DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) is not a consequence of lactate but a consequence of muscle micro-ruptures and inflamation (Lactate levels return to normal 30min after the session and the soreness only appears 1 or 2 days later). Then, should we stretch after tough sessions?
- VMBR (visual motor behaviour rehearsal) - Amazing! I think that I'll use it a lot in the future in orienteering. Is this what Tero calls "feel like running in your backyard?". I'll try to train it in the first competitions of the season.
- Sport beverages are a hoax (and the money that we spend on them) - Our blood Natremia is 140mM. Do the 18mM from sport beverages really make any difference? By forcing to drink it we're only doing the opposite: diluting the blood.
- Cramps are not related at all with electrolyte depletion. But they seem to be a consequence of an inhibition of the muscle inhibitors called Golgi organs.
- Tiredness is more related with body temperature (hypothalamus) and neural functions rather than all the stuff that we're used to think about (and that we learn at medical schools).

Then I went to Marrakesh with some friends. Did some legendary morning runs in the narrow streets. My tourist map was so bad that I often got lost in the 2m-wide streets and had to ask some policeman for "Jemna el Fna" (the main plaza). I moved then to Taghazout, the surfer's paradise and:
- danced in a wedding at McDonalds
- experienced what 55ºC is
- surfed for hours without wetsuit in warm sea water (until my belly skin got irritated by the surfboard). Some nice waves but too small for the season.
- grudged with the streets salesmen (those guys are tougher than the chineses)

Then I went to Chamonix with the best possible company. Spend some amazing days trekking in the mountains between 2200m and 3800m. Chamonix is a paradise on earth and the locals are really friendly. I'll be back with proper equipment to climb those Glaciers. I've also spent some days in Switzerland and Geneva as a tourist.

The last time that I ran with a map was in June. Now it's time to start all over again and it'll be this Saturday in the north of the country.

Physically, I've been "feel running" since the beginning of August and I've re-discovered the beauty of it. I feel that I've improved my stride by forefooting and I'm feeling pretty well right now. Today I've officialy started my "serious" training plan.

Oh and, by the way, this week I've received the new that I've already won the Portuguese Ranking Cup of 2009/2010 with 4 races to go. This was something tottaly unexpected for me that I usually don't fight for once I always have to miss some competitions during the year... but it's always a nice new to receive.

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