Monday, 18 October 2010

Tower running and 1st trains in the cold

This was the craziest race of my life. Last friday I did a tower running race in Vienna. 700 stairs, 35 floors. I was expecting a soft climb up to the top. I started fast and when I thought "i'm pretty tired, how many floors to the end?" I was passing by the sign of the 16th floor. The rest was just a mix of suffering to the top and ended the race so, so dizzy! (as you may see in the photo below that was taken in the downstairs screen). In the last meters I could barely walk and my lungs ached so much during the next minutes. I did 3'34 and was 9th. There were some professional guys (yes, there are professional guys in this tower running scene!) and I was satisfied with my result. You may find the results here (forget the Dr.; it was a joke of who made the entry). Maybe someday I'll repeat the experience with an improved know-how on the subject. =)

Then I went to Linz to the Austrian Night Champs. I ran Open class as this is the last race of the season. During the race, a spike bent forward and I ended the race in some pain. It's even a bit sore right now and I hope that I won't feel anything in the next days.

It has been a great experience here in Austria. Cool training partners, really friendly orienteerers and, at least, 2 trains a week with a map on my hands (which is what I really need right now!). My training loads are a bit lower but much more orienteering directed.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Bye Annecy, Welcome to Wien

Last weekend's WC was disastrous to me.
Orient'Show - It was a funny race. Did it to the semi-finals where a mispunch spoiled it all. Results and maps from Orient'Show here.
Sprint - Even if I felt that the 1st control wasn't that tricky I lost lots of time inside the garden. Some more mistakes (a 40'' one to 10th) and a lack of shape did the rest.
Long - It was the toughest of my life. Started well. However I lost time in the loops and did the biggest mistake of the last seasons. I decided to quit but then re-localized myself and wanted to do the rest of the race. The hypoglicemia due to a lack of trains for this distance did the rest of the mistakes. The map wasn't that difficult; the problem was that the map contact that I had during the race wasn't not even close of what is needed.

Then we had 3 great days of trainings in Woc2011 relevant terrain. At the beginning I had some difficulty in knowing what is/isn't represented in the map once the terrain is (even) more detailed than it seems to be in the map. I felt confident in the last trains and I really want to come back to keep developing in those terrains. In fact, I'm just a Sissy running in those terrains.

Welcome to Wien.
Then I did the night train to Wien where I had an interesting talk with a pakistanese businessman and a Sri-Lanka emmigrant.
In the last 3 days I've done a 4 loops night train near Wien, nice forest running sessions with Tobias Killmann (today, a total of 28km running), explored all the corners of the city...

... and was 2nd in today's International Wien Kahlenberglauf (the mountain race, almost 9k, 400m climb) after David Schneider, the Swiss orienteerer, with whom I'll do some trains in the next weeks.

Tomorrow I'll start at the AKH. It looks more like a shopping center (with lots of space and a Starbucks inside) rather than a Hospital. We'll see...