Friday, 5 November 2010


After a strength training and a 1h run I decided at the midnight of 23th Oct to do my first half-marathon in the next day.

I hadn't any idea of the time I was worthing. I just went there with the intention to suffer as much as i was able to and to gaign some rythm. I ran in the front all the time with 2 nice athletes. It was a freaking cold and at the 16th km I did my first stop to vomit. I caught them again and at the 19th km, I took my time to vomit for the 2nd time, ending in 3rd. So, I've learned my lesson: with cold weather, nothing in the stomach in the 4h before. My time was nothing special: 1h14m49s, but not bad for the beginning of the season.

In the day after I had a slight pain in the Achilles. I don't like to play with this sensitive area so I decided to stop for some time: 1-1/2week doing 5km at a really slow pace +1h gym everyday.

Yesterday my Achilles behave well and I was able to get my ass kicked by D.Schneider at night grass intervals. Today I'm with some fever due to the Flu vaccine that I took today so I had some free time to do a post.

About work, it has been awesome. I'm in a nice and competent Pediatrics team. I really like the medical teams attitude: doctors aren't vain and inaccessible like in Portugal and treat you as an equal so, I've been learning a lot.

I've been training without method; just enjoying meeting new people, going for some runs and competing in special events... and it has been working fine with me doing a good mileage/week! Next week I'll also join an austrian athletics team with Olympic aspirations, Team 2012. We'll see...

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