Sunday, 28 November 2010

WLV Crosslaufmeisterschaften

And then the winter came: the orienteering trainings stopped and the cold weather and the snow arrived in Wien.

Today I've participated in a Wienese 9k Cross-country race, the coldest one of my life! I was expecting a little better and David Schneider (who won) ended kicking my ass again pretty badly. I ran the first 5k with a cool guy, Albert from LCC, but then my lungs started to ache a little bit and I ended the race in 4th.

The last trains have been cool. All at night (it gets dark at 4h) and some in the forest, off-road. I'm such a Sissy running in the muddy forest and the average is 1 or 2 falls per train... but I'm getting better.

I've been enjoying my life at the surgery rotation (not that much the part of having to be in the operation room at 6h55!). I've been with some cool doctors and I've signed my first surgery sheets as a 1st assistant. I haven't worked at my master thesis as much as I wanted to but the time that I've been spending here has been worth it! In the next days, more trains, trip to Innsbruck and then the Christmas in Portugal. We'll see...


Jorge Fortunato said...

Finally you've admitted you're a Sissy! =) eheh see u next weekend!

Anonymous said...

ASS: Rafael Miguel