Sunday, 23 January 2011

1st O'race of the season - Ultra-long

My first race of the season was an ultra-long distance in Alentejo (which, by international standards, was a long distance).

Long distance, 19.900m (440m), 1h43m04s - I was afraid of blowing up so I started too slow and loosing (too much!) time in the initial controls.
Major mistakes:
4th - the best option was in front by the small path. I saw the greens and didn't checked the small path.-1m30
15th - I was careless when I left the small path. Didn't look enough time to the map. -2m40
22nd - I skirted the hill by the wrong side and attacked the wrong rock. Lack of confidence. -1m00

When I realised that the course was ending and that I was still feeling well I pushed harder with good splits in the second half of the course. There was a bad management of effort. Only now I know that I'm able to push harder in these distances. Physically, I thought that I was worse (this season there won't be twice-a-day trainings). Technically, I navigated well compared with what I was expecting, once I haven't trained regularly with a map since June2010.

Before I went to Wien, I left a fat coach in Portugal and when I returned, I found a thin coach that runs as much as I'm running. Now he's also my training partner and we split the effort of the intervals, which is nice. The bad part, is the psychological pressure of the "old fellow" that is always trying to pass me. (Graph of yesterday's long intervals at the track).

About the experience in Austria, in the 2nd largest hospital in the world, it was great! Medically, we learned a lot and had nice evaluations. About friends, we did lots of good friends and met really nice people. Orienteeringly, I learned new methods of training and developed my running in the forest. About the social differences, it's something like the video below (switch italians by portuguese):

Now I'm making an Internal medicine rotation. For the 1st time in my life, I'm being given my own patients (supervised in the end of the morning). It can be stressful at times but I'm loving it! The bad part are the late lunchs, only at 15h, that are responsible for my morning hypoglicemias (those guys don't eat anything!).

My weeks have been evaluated in km's and pages. We'll see...

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