Sunday, 9 January 2011

The longest cold of my life

After a legendary New Year in the heart of the Tirol with amazing friends (thanks to Martin&Uschi, the organizers) and an incredible athmosphere I got a classic cold with chills, low fevers and anergy.

Monday I wanted to fight against it with a session at the gym (stupid!) and got worse in the next days. I've been spending the mornings in the O.R. with some sacrifice and the afternoons at bed drinking hot tea. Friday I went for a run with David (who also had the same) and also got worst after. So now, I've been waiting for my body to recover for a week and I hope that it decides to get better quickly!. It seems that everybody is sick in Vienna with lots of coughs and red noses on the streets and hospital. In Portugal, the O'season has started this weekend and I can't wait to joint it.

In the meanwhile, the "I Meeting de Orientação de Gouveia" is going above expectations. Thierry Gueorgiou, Olav Lundanes, Philippe Adamski, Frederic Tranchard, Vincent Coupat, Gernot Kerschbaumer and Ionut Zinca are some of the stars that already made their entries in this event.

This blog has reached the mark of 50.000 visitors. This project started as a way of forcing myself to analyze my performances and as a diary of my ups and downs across these years. It seems that got some more people interested on it (beside me!) and I'm glad about it. Thank you all! =)

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