Monday, 7 February 2011

I OMG - Results, pictures and "Follow Tero"

This weekend, there was the National event organized by my club. Here in Portugal the clubs can take their own organizations pretty seriously, no athlete from the club participates in the race and everyone stays fully focused on pleasing the guests.

You're able to find photos at:
Gonçalo Cruz here
Gildo Silva here

... Jan Kobach's report of Saturday's event here
... and the results here (Splitsbrowser in the orienteering symbol).

With Thierry's permission, we've captured some movies (without much resolution).. You are able to follow them with the maps.

The portuguese Federation is going through a tough process. I had to go to this weekend's assembly as a representant of the Elite male class (it's usually represented by the ranking winner). I just talked with the athletes, gathered the info and voted according to the will of the majority of the athletes. It was a pretty boring session with laws that are too complex for me to understand and too much lack of respect from many sides. I really don't care about all this bureaucracy; I'm just an athlete, give me a map and I'm happy! =)

Last weekend's sickness spoiled me a week of training. January stats are: 2 weeks training, 2 weeks sick - not good. I'm now back to business, let's roll...


Alexandra said...

Parabéns pelo excelente trabalho :)


Anonymous said...

Parabéns Miguel por este excelente e suado trabalho.. Muito Bom!!

helder ferreira