Saturday, 19 February 2011

Unlucky times...

After an unlucky January with 2 weeks off due to common flu (now I must have all the stickers in my collection), I started February with some pain near my Achilles. I just rolled this week and yesterday, when I got fine, I started a foot's infection for which I'll have to take antibiotics for the next week. The lesson is: don't be careless (as I was) about feet open lesions that can be an entry port to everything.

With all this events, I think that my coach suspects that I'm giving excuses not to train. =) For this, he has sent me some inspirational phrases from Prof. Moniz Pereira, (the old-school 90-year-old athletic's coach that was responsible for the portuguese old glories) that I share with you:
- Old are the guys that have their life full of years. I have my years full of life.
- In athletics, you can pass from 1st to 7th in 1second.
- Even when it rained a lot, I was always with my athletes at the track and never at the countertop stage.
- In my club, under any atmospheric condition, including earthquakes, everyday there is a training session.
- Give me better conditions and we'll obtain equal results.
- Living is training and training is almost winning.
- Luck requires a lot of work.

Thanks to Silva that has provided me a Alpha6 headlamp for the next season. It's an amazing headlamp that values its cost: light, easily portable and same power as much more expensive headlamps.

Just to end, Contador was exonerated. With this precedent, will it ever be possible to condemn any athlete? more at Here

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Rafael da Silva Miguel said...

Luz muito fixe!
Já para estrear Sábado à noite, não?