Sunday, 27 February 2011

Warming up the engine

Nice organization there by Ori-estarreja. I felt that I went back in time to 2 seasons ago when I used to carelessly navigate. I did huge losses in the control areas due to a lack of anticipation.

Middle distance, 6.6k (150m), 37'57 - I thought that I would feel physically worse. I didn't loose time in the running part to the winner but did huge mistakes, summing a total of 5'30 (outch!). I may explain some mistakes in the final part by not having been able to focus because of some Achilles pain, but the mistakes in the beginning were pure distraction.

6-man night relay, 7.1k, 48'55 - It was a nice race. Good warm up, no Achilles pain. Once again, huge losses of time because of careless navigation. What more can I say? The trak speaks for itself! (however, my team won the race, thanks to the rest of the elements).
Next weekend, POM. Right now, I'm too far from the performances that I want. I'll do my best next weekend, more focused on the map.

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