Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Arraiolos International Meeting (WRE)

And so the most important portuguese orienteering week has ended by the best way. Gafanhori has provided all the present orienteerers with a great stage.
My performance there was conditioned by the open wound on my knee, made at the POM.

Middle distance, 7.2k (290m), 34'23 - I was happy once, after a disappoiting POM, I was able to do a regular race. The knee hurted in the 1st part but it was ok in the 2nd part where there wasn't vegetation.

Long distance, 18.3k (525m), mp - The greens of the 1st controls hurted me too much. After passing the river to the 3rd it got worse and I decided to just finish the race at a slower pace. By the 17th, my right buttock also started to hurt because of the compensated stride and I decided to go directly to the finish area. It was a great course and I was really sad for not having been able to do it properly. I hope that someday I'll be able to try this course again.

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