Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Portugal O'Meeting 2011

Nice organization by GD4C. For me, it's an honor to have all the best athletes and friends in Portugal, enjoying these days.

DAY1, Long distance, 14.6k (665m), 1'13'37 - I've noticed that when I'm excited with a race I have this massive tendency to start running without looking at the map (I'm getting better at controling this feeling but I'm far from where I want to be).
This map was easy and it worked for a while, until the 4th where I did a huge mistake. I was progressively caught by T.Aires and by then I started focusing on my navigation (nothing changed, just the fact of having someone catching up made my navigation better - and this made me think about it at the end of the race).

DAY2, Middle distance, 6.5k (285m), 42'27 - One of the worst performances I can recall. If careless orienteering would work in some parts of the day before, it ended with a mess in this day. Furthermore I fell and hurted my knee badly.

DAY3, Middle distance, 6.1k (220m), 39'42 - I was conditioned by my knee. Hurted at the beginning but I was soon able to forget about it. The navigation was better but my running was conditioned.

DAY4, Long distance, 15.1k (340m), 1'20'32 - I really liked this race. Some controls were too easy, indeed. I was happy with my navigation (after 3 days, it was enough!) but, once more, I was also physically conditioned.

- I'm feeling physically better than what I was expecting. The lack of athletic competitions lately doesn't give me an exact measure but I'll be able to check it in the next weeks.
- I did some top splits... so I have an idea of what a top performance is by recalling those moments. I have to focus more on the navigation and avoid this big mistakes.

...more to come, right this weekend in Arraiolos!

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