Monday, 11 April 2011

Some of the best portuguese terrains...

A portuguese/spanish national competition in the north of the country.

Middle distance, 6.0k (300m), 45'05 - Even if it was a great continental terrain, personally, I didn't enjoy the race that much once:
1.I did lots of mistakes;
2.about the map, there were some doubtful green areas, controls in the wrong places (1st and 4th) and gross contour errors (the hollow of the 1st doesn't exist) which made some athletes to complain in the end.
Long distance, 11.4k (470m), 1h38m14 - Bad route choices, mistakes.. there was a mix of everything. What more can I say?

I was disappointed with my performance in the end. The lack of free time to train with a map doesn't allow me good performances in orienteering... at least this season.

When I look at the portuguese o'calendar, there are only 2 more national races until August. Probably the goals of this season will be switched to athletics.

There is still no portuguese national team this year: no training camps nor international races. Portugal is now considered "junk" by the economic rating agencies and is part of the PIGS group (Portugal, Italy, Greece, Spain) - "junk" and "pig" mustn't be good =). Furthemore, the International Monetary Fund is now here.

..I've been training at the track with great weather (bare trunk and great fellows)
..I've enjoyed the 1st until-sunset-surfing-session of the season
..and I've been enjoying my medical rotations so..
..the way we feel about different situations, just depends on the perspective.

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