Thursday, 19 May 2011

National team training camp

After the mess in the portuguese o'federation, things got better and last weekend's training camp was a success.

The camp started with a 5k track test where I did 15'35. I was not sure about how I would feel. I went with the pack the first 3k to 3'10/km average and did the last 2k in 3'05 and 2'59 without too much pain.
I really want to get a 5k PB this season (last season I did around 15'25) and going under 15' is a tough achievable goal.
I'm waiting for proper 5k track races around Lisbon and now that the 30ºC's days are here it's easy to find last-minute races in the end of the working days with some under 15' guys.

Then I went to Lisbon to a "kind of" graduation ceremony.. I don't care too much with this kind of stuff but my family would literally kill me if I missed it. Anyway it was a really well-spent afternoon.

I returned to Marinha Grande forests in the same day and did a Long distance train on sunday morning. It was my 1st train with a map this season (!). I had some difficulty in understanding the terrain in some parts at 1:15000 scale with many hesitations and some mistakes. In the end I was minimally satisfied with my performance.

In the beginning of the season I made my bet on studying for the specialty exam rather than on training with a map (that costs a lot of precious time). It was a matter of priorities and it was a tough decision.

However, next season I'll be able to compensate my weak navigation with a lot of map training now that the portuguese federation has some great houses in the middle of Marinha Grande forests and we have a proper national team program.

In the meanwhile, I'll have plenty of opportunities to punish my body in the next orienteering and athletic's races... can't wait for it!

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