Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Portuguese Long and Relay champs

Long distance, 15.3k (245m), 1h35m27s - What can I say? It was an easy map but I was able to loose much time in the control areas (some of them passing by before punching, like 6th and 23rd) and a stupid choice in the long leg (15-16th) once the big road was hard ground instead of unstable sand. To end in glory, I vomited to the 28th because of a smelly nearby paper factory with some disgusted witnesses. I ended in 4th place.
Relay, 6.2k (120m), 36'47 - I was the last element and when I started the competition was already decided so I took it easy. Also some unnecessary mistakes.

My quickroute graphs seem like a "tour de france" stage with so many spikes. Still in the search for the flow.

I took the last 3 days easy because of some pain in the left peroneals; in this part of the season is easy to sink in tiredness so I took some easy days.

(in the meanwhile, the portuguese doping agency allowed the basic asthma medication to everyone in terapeutic doses. Before so much evidence of no effects in non-asthmatic athletes and so much bureaucracy every year, finally a wise decision.)

(my new summer look - not so pretty but really pratical to hot weather)

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