Sunday, 5 June 2011

Portuguese mountain running champs.

Ouch! 8.850m with 1.000 vertical meters and a total time of 52'58.
Now I understand why the track and field athletes don't even appear in these races. It's a completely different sport from athletics.. and I suffered a lot! (and paradoxically enjoyed it).

The race was in the deep Portugal, that I didn't know at all. Only some groups of houses and loong narrow roads where only passes 1 car at a time. It's a really beautiful area and a good place to have a physical training camp in the base of Serra da Estrela moutains.

About the race, I had high expectations. I wanted to qualify for the European champs (the 1st 4 would qualify) and I had the 4th guy in sight all the way.. until the last 2k where the slope bent to 25%, he went away, and I was picked and passed by the following group. In the end, I was 9th and 1'46 away from my goal... Results here.

... maybe next year if:
1. I'll be able to run downhill muuch faster
2. I'll discover a course around Lisbon with at least 600m elevation
3. I'll get stronger

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Antonio Rodrigues said...

Conheces isto.?
É capaz de servir para treinar tanto a descer como a subida acentuada.