Monday, 11 July 2011

Warm night races...

This weekend I went to "X Legua nocturna de Odivelas", a popular 5000m race near Lisbon with a great atmosphere. You may check the WHOLE race in the following video here. There was a freaking fast start with some attacks (all the 1st 3k under 3'00/km). After the 3rd km (when the climb started) I was alone, doing a calm last 2km. Final time 15'45.

After it, there was the "end of the season" dinner in front of Carcavelos beach. The coach made a nice speech about "the true things in life that give pleasure and unite us" and the "overestimated power of money nowadays".A special note to the European mountain running championships in Turkey - results here. The portuguese team got the 3rd place and 3rd individual position. All the 4 guys were top-20 which shows a strong equal team. Orienteerers David Schneider and Ionut Zinca were 10th and 12th. Next season I'll try my best to be there, already with some experience in the pocket.

The medical course finally ended and the master thesis presented. It was about cardiovascular risk factors and exercise. The professors from the Preventive Medicine Institute liked it and there are some new projects in sight. After the final Gala, I immersed in books. Until November it'll all be about studying to the big exam.

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