Sunday, 28 August 2011

Monsanto moutain race

It was a 11.750m mountain race (Salomon calendar) in my everyday training place so I had to be there. The best guys from the north of the country made a long trip to be here. This time I was only 1' behind the best guy which is a considerable improvement compared to my last mountain races. Now I'm able to follow the pace while going uphill and in the flat parts but I loose a HUGE amount of time when going downhill (I think that my engine doesn't have that gear). I think that it's because of a lack of strength in the quadriceps once I don't consider that I'm afraid of the descend. Anyway I have promised myself that I won't run moutain races again in slick shoes.

I've spent the last days studying at home/faculty and it'll be like that until November; some days better, some days worse. I've kept doing intervals and training well just because I like it and can't live without it; I also face them as work done to the next season (even if, in the meanwhile, I'm going to rest for some weeks).

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

WOC Sprint - great day

It was my first WOC, and it was great.
Due to the lack of free time, I arrived in Aix-les-bains, 12h before the start of the Sprint qual. In the last weeks I beted on my homework, "doing" almost all the sprint maps from omaps.worldofo and using Visual motor behaviour rehearsal (VMBH), a nice athlete-related focus technique that I've read in a great psychology book a few months ago.

Sprint Qual. (times related to Heat winner) - It was the first international race where I was calm before the race (did it really work?). I always anticipated 2 controls in advance (maybe too much) and did a safe qualification to the final.
Sprint Final (times related to leg fastest time) - It was one of the greatest races of my life, not because of the result, but because of the athmosphere. I lost lots of time because of a lack of attitude once I don't have a straight idea of the competition speeds. I'm also too slow while I'm reading the map. These splits times will value a lot to check what I need to develop to get better results. I was physically fresh in the end and did good splits in the last part of the race. I ended in 39th, a result that I think that I'm able to improve.

(some photos from here and WorldofO and from Joao Dias and Filipe Dias)

Video coverage at here.
GPS at here.

Now, I'm back to Lisbon to go on with the studying routines.

About the future... I'm going to spend a lot of time studying until November. I'll keep training physically hard but it'll be difficult to get some free time to compete with a map in my hands. It'll work as some time apart, to come back with full focus and will to get better results.