Sunday, 28 August 2011

Monsanto moutain race

It was a 11.750m mountain race (Salomon calendar) in my everyday training place so I had to be there. The best guys from the north of the country made a long trip to be here. This time I was only 1' behind the best guy which is a considerable improvement compared to my last mountain races. Now I'm able to follow the pace while going uphill and in the flat parts but I loose a HUGE amount of time when going downhill (I think that my engine doesn't have that gear). I think that it's because of a lack of strength in the quadriceps once I don't consider that I'm afraid of the descend. Anyway I have promised myself that I won't run moutain races again in slick shoes.

I've spent the last days studying at home/faculty and it'll be like that until November; some days better, some days worse. I've kept doing intervals and training well just because I like it and can't live without it; I also face them as work done to the next season (even if, in the meanwhile, I'm going to rest for some weeks).

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