Friday, 23 December 2011

along Thailand

So, the big exam was done. After 11 boring months I moved to Dubai/Thailand for 3 weeks with Rafaela. I really wanted to keep training but it was impossible.

Or the place was too hot...

Or too small...

Or too polluted... (ending with red eyes, and a sense in the mouth like if I'd been licking car engines for 1h)

During 3 weeks we did 3500km by public transport, 150km of which by boat...

... and was part of the medical team of the Ironman Asia Pacific and got really enthusiastic with Triathlon.

Overall, it ended being a really nice trip... The touristic places were really nice. The untouristed places made me, once more, remember the value of our European way of living.

In the second last day, and after 3 weeks eating in the street food stalls, I got a gastroenteritis at a McDonalds (!). Altogether, I lost 6kg, from which I'm still recovering (today's breakfast=5 waffles).

Now I have a loong way to recover the shape. Yesterday was the day zero! Let's go!

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Rafael da Silva Miguel said...


Bom Natal e bons treinos! :D