Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Arronches WRE

My asthma didn't allow me a good performance 2 weeks ago. Always the same: my nose blocks, my throat aches and my lungs don't like it. Here I post the video of saturday's middle distance (wasn't able to use rgmapvideo on this one).

More news to come, maybe today, once I have a lot of free time in the next week.


Anonymous said...

why not using anti asthma products? you look really suffering from it. I had big problems as well, was road cycling racer (not pro, but anyhow good junior level), and at the time received an allowance for the use of ventolin by my country's antidoping agency. You only have to prove your asthma is true, and ventolin will help you a lot. a specialist in "pneumology" (called like that in english?) will surely help you. not wise to go on like that (your problem can as well become worse).
Now am amateur orienteer and don't even need these products anymore, with problem having almost resolved by itself :)

Miguel Reis e Silva said...

I've got asthma since my childhood and it has disapeared during my teen years (got a lot better after 4 years of competitive swimming, training 3h a day). I've been followed by a immunoalergologist all my life. However, it returned 1 year ago, because my nose turbinates were too hypertrophied by my rhinitis and exacerbated my asthma. Right now I'm at home recovering from a harsh nose surgery (turbinectomy) that I did 2 days ago. I'm crossing my fingers to get a lot better. We'll see... =)