Friday, 13 January 2012

First test with RGmapvideo

What a wonderful tool.

I'm now posting last weekend's movies even if I didn't have time to analyze them yet.
After many months without touching a map it was great to experience it again. My lack of shape can be checked in the heart rate area of the screen. =)

Now that I'm at home, it's so anoying to watch me wandering around the controls: "it's over there, asshole!". So much to improve this season. (Captured with 1080pFullHD (125º) - Check Youtube's max of 720pHD for more quality).

Relay - pace and map not exactly fitted.

Middle distance - (check my fall and twisted ankle to the 1st control, crossing the small stream).

In 2 hours I'm departing to Arronches International meeting, where Gueorgiou will also compete. I hope that my bronchitis and sore peroneal tendon will allow me to do a decent performance... we'll see...

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