Monday, 30 January 2012

Turbo implantation - check

So, I finally had surgery on tuesday, 24th Jan and I've been recovering at home. How did it start?

When I was a child I had a tough asthma. Then it disappeared in my teen years, during my 4 years of competitive swimming, training 3h a day.

Then, 2 years ago, it started to worsen, refractile to medication. My performances were better and worse as the state of my lungs on the race day (worse in Arronches WRE with audible breathing during the footage in the post before).

Then, my immunoalergologist suggested that it was worth to check my nostrils, once it can be a cause of asthma exacerbation and... I don't breathe from my nose. Why? Because I have huge turbinates that are hypertrophied by the chronic rhinitis (pic below, huge "balls" occupying my WHOLE nose) plus a deviated septum. Why didn't I notice it? Because I got used to it along time.
Last tuesday, I entered the surgery room of otorhinolaryngology to make a turbinectomy+septoplasty. Until Saturday, it was painful (I won't go further on this). Now it's getting better, day by day. My first inhalation was heaven and I wasn't allowed to make full inspirations for a few days to prevent syncopes by overstimulation of the vagus nerve (stimulating nostrils areas that weren't used before). I still look like Shrek but I'm recovering well.
2 Weeks of training were lost in an important part of the season but I face it as an investment for the future. Will it give me a better life quality and better results? Life quality, for sure. About results, I would only knew if I tried. We'll see...

(by the way, I had Hb 16.5 and Htcrt 48.1 - considering my forced "altitude training" and lack of high training loads so far.)

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