Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Training contretemps

24-25/03 Cordoba, Spain, Iberian champs - A super fast terrain in the middle dist. where I made big mistakes and injured my foot. Ran the sprint with some pain and DNS in the long distance (the first DNS of my life, being at the arena).

31/03-01/04 Saturday - 5x1000 suffering a lot and with really slow times, quited the last one. Sunday - 21k trail race which ended being a 26.5k (25k+1.5k following flags from a MTB race which was taking place at the same time). 1h55 of race, hit the wall and was 2nd overall.
02-05/04 National team training camp in Soria, Spain. Beautiful terrains, training 3 times a day with sored legs all the time.

06-08/04 Spanish National Champs - my body protested with a Soleus tear. DNS on middle, sprint and long distance. Painful performance in the relay.

It isn't funny when it gets like this. The body claims for some rest and the head isn't able to find motivation to keep going. What's next? Some days training according to how I feel.

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