Friday, 25 May 2012

Last month.

Here is a short resume of the last month.
National Long Distance Championships: My Achilles got better and I was finnaly training well in the weeks before. However it started to hurt once again in the first controls. I slowed down and did lots of mistakes from there. It was a race to forget (right click on picture and "open in new window" to higher resolution).
Then there was Tiomila, my first night relay, where I ran the 1st leg in an experimental team from Lillomarka OL. This club had an awesome athmosphere and I loved this weekend. During the race I tried to catch runners to the 1st control and ended loosing the pack in the beginning of the course. Bad performance but a really cool experience.
Then I moved to Mora with Tiago Aires, Paulo Franco and Ionut Zinca to a nice training week in beautiful terrains.
Then EOC started. Middle qualification was in a fast forest, good for our team. I didn't do major mistakes but was still far from qualifying (a lot to analyze and think about).
I didn't run Long qualification due to some pain in the Achilles tendon.
Then Sprint qualification was too bad: I was out of the Final A by 1 second! Analyzing the splits, I started too slow (as always), was better in the middle part and quited in the last 2 controls, loosing my place in the final.

Then there were the Finals B. In the middle I started with headless orienteering and did many bad routechoices and mistakes.
In the sprint I was able to push harder and with a 20'' mistake in a single control I ended 1'50 behind the new European champion.
In the relay I did a stupid mistake to the 1st control (headless orienteering) and lost the pack. I was able to catch some athletes but I wasn't happy with my performance.

- My biggest problem isn't mastering this or that o'technique. It's my huge tendency to run without looking to the map. I just have to force myself to LOOK TO THE MAP all the time! To think! And that is why my performances get better when I train in scandinavia; Because I get better navigation routines (after crying a lot!) because of its complex terrains.
- I trust too much on luck during a race (mainly in relays). I have to be 100% safe all the time once a single mistake is WORSE than running slower.
- Sprint: start fast and safe. Give it all until the end (I believe that I can push harder in sprints).
- I need to get physically stronger.

The weather is great and it's time to summer baretrunk training sessions; my favourite part of the season!

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