Monday, 25 June 2012

Orienteering under 38ºC = HELL!

This weekend's national event in Arraiolos was a real challenge! (maps with higher resolution: right click on the photo--> open in new window).

Middle distance - I oversimplified the terrain. The controls were really hidden between the rocks and lost many seconds in the control circles. Big mistakes at 1st (20''), 5th (1min15), 9th (30''), 10th (1min15) and 13th (50'').

Sprint - Had some trouble jumping the fence to the 5th and lost lots of time there. Really good feelings when I entered the city part. The sense of weakness from the last weeks has disappeared with some easy training days.

Long distance - This was the real challenge, 14.4k (455m), 1h38 under 38ºC! I felt physically well (better than expected) but wasn't motivated enought to battle the heat. Lost to the 6th (1min), 9th (30'' - ran to 18th direction), 11th (50''), 20th (40''), 23th (1min30). I drank 2.5L of water in the 5min after the race!!

WOC is near and the final preparations are being made. Since running is fashion this season among the portuguese population, I'm not sure if I'll be able to get a place in next weekend's road race. For the SECOND time this season, I get sold out entries 2 weeks before the race!. Anyway, I'll find a way to physically test my body next weekend.

Monday, 18 June 2012


Jukola wasn't on my season schedule this year. However I was invited by Hadeland O-Lag to join their team and I didn't want to miss this oportunity. It was my first Jukola and as an athlete from a country where orienteering isn't known at all (I'm known at work as the guy that runs in the forest "doing something") I couldn't imagine the big event that Jukola, in fact, is. I ran the last leg and did lots of mistakes, as the Splits show here. 4x5min misses in different controls is just too much! I think that's why is so important to compete in scandinavia: because if you master terrains where you need to focus all the time, you master it all.

(right click on the map--> open in new window = higher resolution)

By the way, I'm reading this famous bestseller about human psychology/psychoeconomy and I've found that it has many orienteering applications: "(...) moving my body along the path, a mental effort of self-control is needed to resist the urge to slow down. Self -control and deliberate thought apparently draw on the same limited budget of effort". I've read half of it and now I'm sure that one of my main flaws is navigating using my System1 without using my System2.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Weekend trainings (headcam)

Last weekend was in Nazaré. I felt really tired, once more. However, as the coach says, "Tiredness is directly related with shape" and I'll only know when I recover from the last training weeks.

Middle distance, (You may find an incorporated 3drerun headcam analysis here - check 720p HD at youtube for higher resolution)

 Azimut training (I think that is the O'technique where I have more to improve)

Night training session

Short relay

Since the highlights of the season are near, this week I'm resting a bit more. Jukola this weekend, can't wait for it!

Monday, 4 June 2012

National team TC + NAOM 2012

2 weeks ago, there was a national team training camp in Viseu in really nice POM terrains. Headless orienteering in the middle qual. and final and a good sprint training session.

 Last weekend was NAOM which included the Sprint and Middle distance National champs, where I was defending my middle distance title. The sprint had 2 stages, a forest one and a city one. In the forest stage I was doing well until the 17th where I did one of the stupidest mistakes of the season; it was hard to refocus later. I found hard to guess where you were able to pass through the vegetation.

In the city stage, I felt tired all the way, with many hesitations and a big mistake inside the castle. There wasn't true sport in this stage once there were athletes crossing uncrossable walls (which weren't represented in the map by proper symbols).

In the middle distance race my result was far from good. Once again I felt physically weak the way. I did some mistakes that don't explain, per se, the bad result.

- I need to rest more in order to train with quality and compete well.
- I really need to focus on the map and avoid at any cost headless orienteering.
- WOC is near and there are still many details to fix.