Thursday, 26 July 2012

WOC 2012 resume

Sprint qualification - The biggest disillusion. I was out of the final for 3seconds (16th place), 35seconds after the heat winner. Once again I started too slow (as last year in France, as this year in Sweden) and warmed up the engine from the 5th control. I believe that if I'm able to correct this habit, I'll be able to be a top-20 sprint orienteerer; Time will tell...
(rightclick on the map--> open in new window = higher resolution)

Long qualification - I was not supposed to run the long distance, but due to this year's special characteristics I jumped into action. I was afraid of the dense vegetation from the model events and I ran too much on the paths in the first controls, loosing some time by going around. I was 19th, 2'20 from the final.

Middle qualification - The forest was nice but the runnability wasn't that good. I was 21st, 2'00 from the final. If I avoided the 2 big mistakes to 6th (literally swallowed a stick and ran in the opposite direction) and 21st I was in, but that's just the "ifs story".

Relay - GPS REPLAY HERE. I had so much fun! Even if I did some mistakes that made me loose the front of the group, I liked my performance. It was my first WOC relay and next year I'll be back with some added know how. I delivered in 17th, 2'58 behind Fabian Hertner.

- I'm now able to control my emotions during important races; not a problem anymore.
- I know where I have to improve in Sprint races; can't wait for next season.
- I'm able to run better in true forest (with sticks, stones, etc on the ground); I'm becoming a non-Sissy and that's good!
- Now I believe that Finals A aren't far away and, in a second step, top-results.

 Next week, I'll be chilling in my favourite habitat, the mountains, this time in Andorra.

Friday, 6 July 2012

Power Powder!

 Once upon a time, around 1923, there was a poor country with a high infant mortality rate.

Then there was Prof. Egas Moniz, a famous neurologist and medicine nobel prize (from my ex-faculty), who developed a powder that could fulfill malnourished children needs. Then Cerelac born!... and became famous.

Why am I talking about this? Because I'm known as the guy that eats Cerelac before going to bed. I've learnt it with some portuguese triathlon national team athletes and the habit persisted (it tastes good!).

Just as a curiosity, as the time goes by, the powder was forgotten and nowadays it's only sold in Belgium, Portugal, India, South Africa, Philippines and the Middle East (what is Belgium doing here?)... and is still famous in Portugal with 4 or 5 "white brands" of the same product.

Anyway, there's nothing better than a shot with (per 100g) 419kcal, 15g Proteins, 67g CH, 9g Lipids and 30-140% of the majority of the "important" vitamins before going to bed.

PS - No conflict of interests with Nestlé.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Last physical test before WOC

The only race that I found this weekend around Lisbon: 4.100 hilly meters around one of the biggest's capital ghettos (that was much more pleasant than I thought, my prejudice!).

Pack started slow, 2 attacked in the first climb and I kept the distance until the end, ending in 3rd. Nothing to say about loosing to João Vieira ou Bruno Fraga, 2 great athletes. I was really missing this athletics runner's high.

The result was nothing special but my track times are becoming good in the last days. Now I just have to read the map!

And nothing better than a good relaxing afternoon at the beach in good company!