Friday, 6 July 2012

Power Powder!

 Once upon a time, around 1923, there was a poor country with a high infant mortality rate.

Then there was Prof. Egas Moniz, a famous neurologist and medicine nobel prize (from my ex-faculty), who developed a powder that could fulfill malnourished children needs. Then Cerelac born!... and became famous.

Why am I talking about this? Because I'm known as the guy that eats Cerelac before going to bed. I've learnt it with some portuguese triathlon national team athletes and the habit persisted (it tastes good!).

Just as a curiosity, as the time goes by, the powder was forgotten and nowadays it's only sold in Belgium, Portugal, India, South Africa, Philippines and the Middle East (what is Belgium doing here?)... and is still famous in Portugal with 4 or 5 "white brands" of the same product.

Anyway, there's nothing better than a shot with (per 100g) 419kcal, 15g Proteins, 67g CH, 9g Lipids and 30-140% of the majority of the "important" vitamins before going to bed.

PS - No conflict of interests with Nestlé.

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Jorge Fortunato said...

Cheers to Cerelac! Now i got it where so much "xoniquisse" comes from... I'm also addicted to it, but without the collateral effects. :D