Thursday, 26 July 2012

WOC 2012 resume

Sprint qualification - The biggest disillusion. I was out of the final for 3seconds (16th place), 35seconds after the heat winner. Once again I started too slow (as last year in France, as this year in Sweden) and warmed up the engine from the 5th control. I believe that if I'm able to correct this habit, I'll be able to be a top-20 sprint orienteerer; Time will tell...
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Long qualification - I was not supposed to run the long distance, but due to this year's special characteristics I jumped into action. I was afraid of the dense vegetation from the model events and I ran too much on the paths in the first controls, loosing some time by going around. I was 19th, 2'20 from the final.

Middle qualification - The forest was nice but the runnability wasn't that good. I was 21st, 2'00 from the final. If I avoided the 2 big mistakes to 6th (literally swallowed a stick and ran in the opposite direction) and 21st I was in, but that's just the "ifs story".

Relay - GPS REPLAY HERE. I had so much fun! Even if I did some mistakes that made me loose the front of the group, I liked my performance. It was my first WOC relay and next year I'll be back with some added know how. I delivered in 17th, 2'58 behind Fabian Hertner.

- I'm now able to control my emotions during important races; not a problem anymore.
- I know where I have to improve in Sprint races; can't wait for next season.
- I'm able to run better in true forest (with sticks, stones, etc on the ground); I'm becoming a non-Sissy and that's good!
- Now I believe that Finals A aren't far away and, in a second step, top-results.

 Next week, I'll be chilling in my favourite habitat, the mountains, this time in Andorra.

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