Tuesday, 28 August 2012

This is why I love August...

... some days I don't train at all, other days (as today) I run 2h00 in a single session... other days (as next weekend) I run 23km in a mountain running race. I just do whatever I want and that frees my mind for the rest of the year, even if I'm concomitantly working. Last weekend was as follows...

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Holidays, time to rest?

After a whole season training/competing every single weekend, last week was spent with my family in the Andorran mountains.

I was supposed to physically rest but I was too excited with the mountains around and during the family daily "siesta" in the forest, I fell ran for an hour with averages of 800m climb in amazing places.

 I also remembered my old swimming days and swam around 2km a day at the pool (in the photo at a 2400m lake).

In the last day I even participated in a mountain running race from the Andorran cup. It was supposed to be like this...

... but it was shortened because of the weather conditions on the top. I won the race in 1h24min33sec. I must say that this was my first "real" mountain running race with crazy descents... and I loved it! The Andorran national team was there and we had a good time together.

(Andorran newspaper here)

Afterall I didn't rest my body, but I had a good time... Can't live without the thrill of running! Andorra is a really beautiful place... I'll be back!