Thursday, 27 September 2012

Park World Tour 2012

Before PWT I spent a great week in Madeira island (a small portuguese island with great training conditions) where I did memorable training sessions as follows: ...and where I won a regional athletic's race:

Great company, great food, great people, great traning sessions = perfect week!

The next 10 days were spent at PWT - China. I've heard about PWT for a long time but I never imagined what I'd been missing. PWT is the only orienteering race where athletes from all over the world live and travel together... and where everyone is really able to know each other, apart from the usual pre-race warm up short talk. And it was an event that I won't forget soon.

 PWT was also great in the technical level. The terrains in Changchun seemed like European. The terrains in Chongqing remembered me Cambodjan and Vietnamese scenes, with the rice fields included. For us that love orienteering, it's always nice to do what we like in unusual environments. I also did the most demanding sprint of my life in Wansheng. The terrain was so nice that me and Andreu spent an hour running throught the narrow streets after the race:

 A few group photos:

All the maps, splits and results may be found here.

What's next? I don't have any more orienteering goals for this season. I'll mainly focus on mountain races, road races and most of all... having fun!

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Trails near my hometown

This weekend I wanted to run at a faster pace. I wanted to participate in the National Mountain Running Championships by the FPME (in Portugal there are 2 mountain running federations, the FPME and the FPA-athletics federation) but they didn't accept my entry. I decided to participate on this race on the 12th August but between Federation holidays and not receiving answers to email, tel and fax, I received a call after the entries finished saying that I should have thought about it earlier. Anyway, life goes on and I participated in a nice mountain race near my hometown.

 It was a 15km race and I had a good time with Hélder, a tough ultramarathon runner. I won in 1h04m02s. More info here.
What's next? Some days of holidays and then, Park World Tour-China.