Sunday, 2 September 2012

Trails near my hometown

This weekend I wanted to run at a faster pace. I wanted to participate in the National Mountain Running Championships by the FPME (in Portugal there are 2 mountain running federations, the FPME and the FPA-athletics federation) but they didn't accept my entry. I decided to participate on this race on the 12th August but between Federation holidays and not receiving answers to email, tel and fax, I received a call after the entries finished saying that I should have thought about it earlier. Anyway, life goes on and I participated in a nice mountain race near my hometown.

 It was a 15km race and I had a good time with Hélder, a tough ultramarathon runner. I won in 1h04m02s. More info here.
What's next? Some days of holidays and then, Park World Tour-China.

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