Sunday, 14 October 2012

First 10k of 2013 season

Last season I didn't run as many road races as usual. This weekend I intended to go for a mountain race but some discomfort in my left knee made me choose a "softer" 10k road race; If there's something that I've learned with the years is to respect my body.

It was my first race for "Conforlimpa", my 2013 athletics club. I'm excited with the club plans for next season since one of my main goals for next season is to improve my physical performances.

The race was won by Rui Silva, 2004 olympic 1.500m bronze medal and Luis Feiteira, 2012 olympic marathoner, was 2nd. I was 9th with a performance that could have been better. TOP10 results may be found HERE.

I started fast but I was alone at the 2nd km, with no one behind and the 2nd pack a few meters before me. I was afraid to push harder and did the rest 8km alone, passing some athletes that quited the pack ahead. I don't like this way of racing, but next time I have to push harder in the beginning to go with them.

The chip time was 32'23 and most of the GPSs gave average distances of 10.200m in a straigth race (mine gave 3'10/km average). If it's true, it was one of my best 10k performances, just in the beginning of the season.

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t said...

Nicely done Miguel!!
you will be force next year :)