Monday, 22 October 2012

Second 10k of the season, 31'57

I wasn't convinced with the 10k of last weekend so this Sunday (after spending sixteen hours on Saturday in a crazy emergency room) I went for another try in an officially measured race (the good thing about Lisbon is that there are road races every weekend). It was a classic one, with 10.000 athletes in a course with some up and downhill.

Along the Tajo river I made my PB of 31'57 (I had previously done 31'40 in a mostly downhill course, so it doesn't count). Full results with splits HERE.
In 2008 I had done 33'24 in the same course so this was a good improvement. It was really nice to break the 32' barrier so the next goal is the 31' one. I really want to improve my physical performances this year.

A short movie of the 2010 edition that shows the great spirit of this race:

By the way, portuguese orienteering was on the international channels of the national tv. I was with Davide Machado (from MTB-O) at the studios for a short talk in a sports programme. It was an interesting experience that you may watch HERE.

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