Tuesday, 13 November 2012

My first long trail race (30k, 1900m+)

It was last Saturday and it was awesome. A race is real good when you're still thinking about it 4 days later, and this was/is the case. I'll definitely have to repeat it.

30km, 1900m+ in idyllic sceneries in the center of Portugal. I had never been there and its forests have a great orienteering potential. The course was really tough but I loved it from the beginning until the end.

The spirit of trail running is really different/healthier from the road races. I spent almost the whole course talking with the other 2 athletes that were with me. In the second big hill I just kept the pace and was alone until the end, managing the lead and winning the race in 2:59:04. FULL RESULTS HERE. I ended the day being sutured at my hometown hospital with 3 stitches in my left elbow because of a fall on a wet stone in the last slope.

I felt like a "Sissy" on the registration by "only" making the entry to the short race, since the main course had 82km, 5000m+. Maybe in a next time...

Here is a short video about the race and this growing community in Portugal:

Monday, 5 November 2012

Four days of "altitude" training.

Last 4days were spent in the highest portuguese mountains, sleeping at 1.500m and training between 1.500m and 2.000m. Of course that we didn't go there because of the altitude but for its great places to do long hilly sessions.

Afterall, Portugal also has some nice mountains and wonderful mountain sceneries. However its trails are not well kept and it's easy to get lost (as in the last take of the short movie where we got lost and made 45min and 500m uphill at a road by night). I had fun. I'll be back!