Tuesday, 13 November 2012

My first long trail race (30k, 1900m+)

It was last Saturday and it was awesome. A race is real good when you're still thinking about it 4 days later, and this was/is the case. I'll definitely have to repeat it.

30km, 1900m+ in idyllic sceneries in the center of Portugal. I had never been there and its forests have a great orienteering potential. The course was really tough but I loved it from the beginning until the end.

The spirit of trail running is really different/healthier from the road races. I spent almost the whole course talking with the other 2 athletes that were with me. In the second big hill I just kept the pace and was alone until the end, managing the lead and winning the race in 2:59:04. FULL RESULTS HERE. I ended the day being sutured at my hometown hospital with 3 stitches in my left elbow because of a fall on a wet stone in the last slope.

I felt like a "Sissy" on the registration by "only" making the entry to the short race, since the main course had 82km, 5000m+. Maybe in a next time...

Here is a short video about the race and this growing community in Portugal:

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