Monday, 17 December 2012

Silvester run in Azores archipelago

This weekend my athletics team was invited to participate in the Ponta Delgada Silvester run. This town is situated in S.Miguel island, in the mid-Atlantic Azores archipelago.

I had been ill almost all week but I got better from thursday on (the damn pediatrics urgencies kill my body with the latest winter/spring 2013 virus) so my performance would be a total suprise.

The race was tactical due to the wind. The 1st km was slowly ran in 3'14 by the  leaders, followed by lots of attacks. The moldovan Roman Prodius won in 29'56. I suffered a lot with my breathing and I did my worst 10k time in the last years, 32'43. However, Conforlimpa, my club, was still able to win as a team, ahead of Sporting CP and CUAB.

Apart from the race, I had a really good time in the cultural part of the weekend. Azores vulcanic sceneries are worth to visit and with sportspeople (wether from orienteering or athletics), you always have fun!!

(cooking in vulcanic boiling water)

What's next? Many lonely training weekends... February and the top-portuguese O'weeks are coming soon.

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V said...

Afinal tinha um colega famoso e não sabia ;)