Sunday, 20 January 2013

Winter trainings.

The last weeks have been fullfilled with normal training routines but today I felt that I had to write something, so here is a resume:

After Christmas I spent a few days training with a map on my hands near the portuguese coast. Thierry joined for some sessions and it was great to have him with us. We (portuguese) are always complaining that the navigation in our terrains is too easy. I was amazed by how you can make it tougher when I did this night contour long legs session (sample of the whole map):

In the new year's eve I participated in S.Silvestre da Amadora, the oldest and most important portuguese silvester race. Everyone knows that after running a race you may get drunk with a single beer so, because of the economic crisis, the entries were sold out far before the day. I just ran off-race with some friends. 2 years ago I did 33'15 gong fullspeed (it's really hilly). This time I did around 34'10 going easy. What a nice athmosphere there!  

Then I started my new job. Everything has been going really well, apart from one thing: night emergencies! It's so damn hard to train after a whole blank night... but I hope I'll get used to it with time.

I've also started a yearlong post-grad in sports medicine where I'm feeling as a fish in the water but that will consume a lot of effort this year.

Today I participated in the first and only race of the month in a 5.5k cross-country race near Lisbon. The course was hilly and muddy after last night's storm. The distance was too short for the kind of training I'm doing right now. I didn't suffer too much and I was 2nd after a friend from Sporting CP.

So see you all soon, in one of the portuguese forthcoming events!!

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Raquel said...

Acho surpreendente a forma como consegues balançar o trabalho e o desporto! Onde vais buscar tanta motivação? Tudo de bom =)