Monday, 25 February 2013

POM, MOC and trails

After NAOM I was disappointed with my navigation skills and started to have some negative toughts about orienteering. However the POM terrains were so nice that I completely changed my mind in just a few days.

In the first long distance I did a big mistake to the 1st control. After that, the race was OK, without being able to push too hard, still because of the twisted ankle.

In the middle distance, good feelings with the navigation. However I wasn't able to push physically harder.

In the WRE, I did a huge mistake on the 8th that spoiled my race. I spent minutes around a rock, when the control was between the rocks. I was really angry with myself in the end.

In the final chasing start I was alone from the beginning until the end, with good feelings all the way.

Overall, I was 2nd best portuguese, but so far from where I wanted to be.

The 3 days between POM and MOC were tough, hospitalizing my father in the service where I'm working and with a 3hour-long exam on Friday.

MOC was nice, once again. The terrains are similar to this year's WOC so I wanted to perform well, specially in the WRE long distance. This time the goal was to go slower without mistakes. I didn't do major mistakes, but I was too slow and wasn't tired in the end. Once again, second best portuguese but far from where I intended to be. I think that now it's a matter about adjusting speed/navigation.

Unfortunately, these races (all of them portuguese selection races to WOC) worked as a training camp, where I slowly readjusted my navigation routines after a long winter pause without maps.

Then, this weekend it was time to stretch the legs.

Saturday, left a course at 19h and started competing at 20h30 at a 11km night trail in Sintra. The organization was a disaster and I found myself lost with a spanish athlete from Raidlaight team, after not entering a closed gate that was part of the course (we were faster than the guys that were supposed to open it). I still had a good time doing the rest of the course with him.

After the race, when we were heading to the car we found another lost athlete asking for the finish area. It was Dean Karnazes, the guy that gave the race the name.

Sunday, at 9h30 I was starting another trail race in Condeixa. 23km, D+870m. I won it with a slight advantage to the 2nd, a road race athlete, with some tought shoulder-to-shoulder last kms. Beautiful sceneries, awesome race!

What's next? Many lonely sesssions with the Spanish National Champs in sight.

PS - I'm now part of the Portuguese Salomon team, with great fellows. I'm now racing with a Suunto ambit, and I must stay that it has advantages over my old Garmin, mainly with the training analysis software:

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