Monday, 4 February 2013

Start of the O'season with the left foot (literally)

I was really missing the O'athmosphere and this weekend's WRE was awesome. However, even if I'm physically feeling better than ever, my O'performances were far from good.

On Saturday I felt the insecurity of a big event/lack of map, loosing lots of seconds in the first part and a BIG mistake to the 12th where I misunderstood the hill (thought that the control was before, but was after the hill). The insecurites vanished in the last part of the race (split times with differences to David Andersson, the winner).

On Sunday, it was a fast and perfect terrain for me. However I twisted my ankle in the 3rd control and felt the pain during the rest of the course (Splits with time differences to Philipe Adamski, the winner).

 (no trophies, just a swollen ankle) 

My ankle is ok for training (if I don't twist it again), so today I already punished my body.
The POM is already next weekend and I hope that the good feelings on the track/road will translate into the forest!

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