Tuesday, 12 March 2013

XXI Iberian Championships - Why not?

The portuguese edition of the XXI Iberian Championships/III Meeting Orientaçao Gouveia will take place on the 13th-14th April 2013 in the Gouveia area, organized by CPOC. There are only a few competitions that may be proud of having Gueorgiou as the last winner, and this is one of them (HERE) and (HERE).

The maps will have the recognized quality of Tiago Aires and the terrains will be mountain terrains at 1500m altitude, with the arena localized by the Vale do Rossim lake.


Map sample

Other map samples (HERE)
Official Website (HERE)
Official Facebook page (HERE)
Any doubt? gouveia@cpoc.pt

See you soon, in Gouveia.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Keeping the pace

Just to share a race last weekend, "Corrida da Árvore", in my everyday training place, Monsanto. Sometimes we do it like this, and in spite of training alone we join any race in order to get faster paces. The course was nice (10k, D+140m), the final time nothing special, but I had fun. Results here.

(HR graph)
(Altitude graph)