Monday, 8 April 2013

Nonrequired Pit stop

A long time since my last post... meaning that I haven't competed much lately.

In February I was feeling physically really well... However I commited a great mistake HERE by running 2 moutain running races in less than 12h.

Since then, I started to feel some difficulty in running. I was able to run, but quited in the first intervals of the fast sessions. It didn't hurt in any specific local but my legs felt really stiff, mainly in the upper hamstrings. I analysed my blood and everything was fine; Hemoglobin ok, ions ok.

Then I spent a week in Peguerinos, Spain, training with the portuguese national team. I was able to run, but under espectations. Then, I did the Spanish national championships and underperformed once again. It was like those "athlete nightmares" when you see everyone passing you and you aren't able to run faster.

This week, after quiting the intervals before they started, I said it's enough. I was examined by the High Performance Center Physiatrist and I was diagnosed a upper Hamstring tendinopathy in its beginning (fortunately!). More info about it HERE. It seems that the inflammed tendons contracted the hamstrings and didn't let me lift my legs properly (that's why it was worse going uphill). And then I remembered, that this isn't the first time it happens HERE (that's a good thing of having a blog).

It isn't common but it's literally a "pain in the ass". I'm able to run, but can't do intervals. If it doesn't heal properly it can get chronic and only be solved with surgery (as in the Achilles). I'm now treating it and it feels better from day to day.

Now I just wish to get the physical shape I had 1 month ago. I hope I'll be back soon...

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